Tale of a Rhinebeck Virgin, pt. 2 – the Loot

While the people, weather, and location will always be at the top of my “why Rhinebeck is so awesome” list, the stuff ain’t bad either!

I went with a little bit of a plan – I wanted Christmas yarn, solid color sock yarn, a shawl pin, a project bag, and maybe something from Jennie the Potter.  That left a lot of wiggle room and I thought would be a good outline.  I got everything but the shawl pin and a few other things.  All in all, I didn’t do too bad.  My birthday was the Sunday of Rhinebeck so I took my birthday money with me so the first few purchases were my birthday presents which helped.

I had scouted vendors in Instagram but that didn’t really end up helping me in the end but more on that in part 3 – the lessons.

We started Friday night at the Indie Untangled event which was a little too Black Friday shopping experience for me.  I did end up with a cute project bag from Chiagu.  She had been showing a bunch of bags in cute NYC fabric that I was eyeing but when I looked at her table she had a bag made out of fabric that had a map of the Paris streets and I was sold.  I love it!!  That was all I ended up buying there.  If you like crazy, cr0wded shopping events it’s definitely worth going.  My other issue was that I didn’t want to spend all my money Friday night so I was very cautious.

Saturday morning we decided to avoid the mad rush of the opening crowds and got to the fairgrounds around 10:30 so we were able to walk right in and then we just headed into the first tent.  My first (and largest) purchase was at the Dragonfly Fibers booth.  They still had their special show colorway, Headless Horseman, so I had to get that.  Headless Horseman is black, orange, and some red so great Halloween/fall colors.  They had also been advertising an election year special colorway on Instagram called Vote.  Vote is red and blue and some purple in between and I had to pick that up!  I paid for those two and then ran into my friend Becky so was chatting for awhile.  My friends asked if I saw the Christmas colorway and I had missed it so I went back into the booth and loved it and ended up buying that as well.  It’s called Stoll Christmas and is red, green, and very traditional Christmas.

I took a bit of a buying break and hit the podcaster meet up and then fueled up with some food.  After that, I found the solid colored sock yarn I was looking for at Into the Whirled. Feel free to laugh at me but I bought a semi tonal black sock yarn and I have plans for it. The colorway is called Crow and then I could not resist a skein of Into the Black as well.  It goes from a light lavender to black and is amazing!!  I really can’t wait to knit something with it.  That was it for the yarn but I did make a few last purchases.  The lovely ladies from Pom Pom magazine were there and debuting the winter issue so I decided to pick it up.  I’ve oogled many an issue and thought this was a great opportunity to finally buy one.  And last, but not least, I stopped by the Jennie the Potter booth on the way out.  I ended up with a tiny jar of stitch markers and I picked up an extra stitch marker to send to my friend Becky as a little thank you gift.

There was so much good stuff and so much I didn’t even get a chance to see it all.  I really love all my purchases and have definite plans for two of the skeins of yarn.  The Christmas yarn is wound and in my new Paris bag.  I will cast on a pair of socks come December and will hope to have them finished by Christmas 2017!


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