Everyone Knits

Here’s another little knitting related story that happened to me last week.  One of the things I’ve been doing since being laid off is volunteering for medical studies where I get paid.  Last week I had a study appointment at the Cleveland Clinic which involved taking some dexterity tests to help improve assessments of patients with MS.

There was time to kill during the testing and the study nurse and I were talking.  One of the tests measured how much time it took to put pegs in a board with your dominant hand and then with your other hand.  The nurse commented that I was pretty good with my left hand (I’m right handed).  I told her I thought that might be from my knitting as I’m used to actively using both hands.

She then told me how one of the neuropsychologists on the team (and a really smart lady, she made sure to add) had started a knitting group for their office.  The nurse was contemplating joining as she wants to knit a baby blanket for a friend.  I told her she should do it!  I’m adding this info to the “knitting is good for you” file.

Knitting Ditties – Story 1

There are many times where I find or enounter a cute little knitting story that is too long for Twitter and too short for a full blog post so I decided this year I would publish these little stories as a new feature – Knitting Ditties.  It won’t be every week but as these stories present themself I will use this chance to share.

Today’s story comes from New Year’s Eve.  I have standing plans with one of my friends and we’ve had these plans for many years (i.e. pre-kids).  We have dinner and now we hang out with her 2 girls. I’ve taken to bringing some knitting to work on as we play games and watch tv.  As I pulled out my knitting this year the 5 year old became very excited and started whispering to her mom.  She told me she had seen a moose knit.  What this translates to is the new special on Amazon – If you Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie.  There is in fact, a moose knitting.  And, I have to say the animation in the special is really beautiful. The special is very non-demonational or every demonation depending on how you want to say it but it’s good for all.  I was so impressed that she put the two things together.

Last year “Santa” aka me knit the girls mermaid blankets.  My friend mentioned they needed some attention as the girls use them all the time.  She pulled them out so I can attempt to fix them.  Her 5 year old proceeded to tell me how Santa had brought them.  I told her that Mrs. Claus must be a really good knitter and maybe I should get a job at the North Pole.  As I continued to knit, she told me she was teaching herself and showed me a string and a straw.  I might need to get those girls knitting this year!