Day 6 – How Knitting and the Law Intersect

Day 6’s assignment is to write about a knitter or crocheter that we admire.  I have met so many amazing knitters over the years, it hard to focus on just one.  There were no knitters in my family.  My grandma and her sister would crochet when I was young and I do remember a few failed attempts trying to learn to crochet.  Crochet still is not my craft – must be the Libra in me that I feel unbalanced with only one needle!  I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to learn how to knit.

At the time I learned to knit I was working very closely with an attorney in Pittsburgh.  I must have mentioned something about my new hobby and was shocked to learn she was a life-long knitter.  I remember her asking me what I was working on and as I recall the conversation I’m sure I told her I was working on some sort of scarf or other beginner project and the standard size 9 or 10 starter needles.  And her reply has stuck with me for all these years, she told me she prefers to knit on size 1 or maybe 2 needles.  I thought she was insane, or I should say that confirmed for me that she was insane (as I said we worked very closely together).  Who would want to knit on those skinny, skinny needles???  That would be me.  I now completely understand what she was saying.  I do occasionally pull out the 10s or 11s if I need a gift quick or need some instant gratification but I’m usually at a 6 or below on anything I knit now.  She retired from her day job a number of years ago but knitting is the tie that binds.  Usually on a cold January day I get an e-mail from her asking if I will be coming to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Show and I go every year more to see her and catch up then for any other reason.  We take a class, do some shopping and when time allows grab some lunch.  She tells me she does not keep up with most of the other people we have worked with over the years but we have our knitting and I update her on all the news with our group of colleagues.  I learned so much from her professionally and I continue to learn from her skills as a knitter, she is crazy talented.  I missed the Pittsburgh show this year for so many reasons but I sure I hope I can make our yearly catch up session next year!

The second part of today’s assignment is to write about someone who has given you feedback, negative or positive about your knitting.  This one is a little easier for me.  And, it’s another amazing woman I had the good fortune to work with for a number of years. She worked at a law firm in New York and in today’s world we communicated solely by e-mail and maybe one or two phone conversations but for whatever reason that was enough to form a friendship.  We really wanted to meet and kept hoping our mutual client would have a meeting for all their counsel.  It almost happened but she was pregnant with twins so we had to wait.  She had those twins and just when I thought she was never coming back to work I got an e-mail that she was copied on and I immediately e-mailed her!!  With the magic of Facebook I was admiring pictures of the twins just a few minutes later.  And that long awaited meeting was finally scheduled.  I decided to knit the twins hats.  They are a boy and a girl and they live in home that loves sports.  I found this cute pattern by Susan B. Anderson for little football helmets and made one in baby blue and one in pink.

Here they are on some teddy bears I had at the house!

Here they are on some teddy bears I had at the house!

There was a welcome dinner scheduled for all of the attorneys attending this meeting.  People were coming from all over the country.  We had decided to meet for a pre-dinner drink and, really, to be girls who are excited to meet before we had to act all professional.  I gave her the hats and she was so excited with them.  I was worried because as all knitters know we only see the mistakes in our work but she was genuinely thrilled.  We then headed off to dinner with about 10 other attorneys.  No sooner did we all sit down did she pull out the hats and pass them around and tell everyone that I had made them for the twins.  I thought I was going to have to hide under the table.  Everyone loved them but it was not the tough, professional attorney image I was going for, however, it was extremely flattering and we’ve been friends since.  She had a third and he got his own football hat.  She stays at home with all those kids now and we keep in touch over Facebook and she has been so supportive of my knitting work.  Lucky for us I love to visit NYC and she lives just outside the city so we get the chance to meet up every so often.  I am sure I will never forgot that business dinner!