Booksigning and Yarn Dealing

Yesterday I scrambled around all morning to get some chores done in time to be able to sit and watch my favorite Buckeyes kick some San Diego State ass.  I was almost successful and at noon started frantically trying to find the game on tv but was having no luck.  I quickly checked Twitter looking for a tweet from Brutus (the best mascot in the NCAA!) telling me what station the game was on but instead found a tweet from Susan B. Anderson which said she was at a bookstore in Cleveland doing a book signing.  What???  Hold the phone!!!  (On a side note, turns out the game did not start until 3:30…)

I love Susan’s designs and have knit many of her patterns and some numerous times.  How did I not know she was going to be in town and how had I never heard of this bookstore?  I debated for about 30 seconds before I changed my clothes, put the address in Google maps and headed out.

First thing, this bookstore is amazing!!  I had no idea we had a really cool independent bookstore in Cleveland.  They sold new and used books and the whole place was filled floor to ceiling with books.  I loved it and need to go back and focus on books next time.  Second thing, I’m a total nerd when it comes to meeting my favorite knitting stars.   You would think I was meeting a famous Hollywood star or music star.  I found the knitting area and realized it was also a knit in.  There were several knitters working on projects.  Susan had all the toys from her new book, Topsy-Turvey Inside Out Knit Toys set up so I quietly wandered over to the table and started playing with them.  And then a voice from a side table said “we have needles and yarn over here and a free pattern if you want to stay and knit” – enabler…  I don’t need any help with my addiction!  I resisted for a few minutes but Susan was so nice and friendly and was just chatting away with everyone like we are all a big happy knitting group.  And thus, I gave in and bought the yarn and needles so I could work on the free pattern.  The irony of this did not escape me.  But who could pass up knitting a very cute inside out turtle, especially when the designer was there to answer any questions???  No one can blame me!  And there went two hours of my day.  

I was so glad I dropped everything and headed over.  Not only did I find a fun new place in my city I got to meet Susan and hear her story which was very inspiring.  And, I got home in time for kick-off!  

Here’s my egg for the inside out turtle.  It’s going to be super cute when it’s finished!