FO’s for August

Well, not much this month but here’s what got done during August:


Yarn: Keppi by Lion Brand Pattern: Jazzy Knit Hat (on label)

First up is the Jazzy Knit hat that was on my needles earlier this month.  This was a super quick knit and as noted in my earlier post a fun and super soft yarn to work with.  The pom pom is a little tricky to attach because it is pretty solid so getting the needle through it is a challenge but I love the way it turned out.  I’m working on a pink one now and they will both be donated to my friend who hosts a fundraiser to raise money for MS.

The only other completed project for the month was my Melody’s Makings test knit which I talked about last week.  If you missed the post, here’s another picture of the cute baby pants and hat.


I’ve got a ton of stuff on the needles right now so eventually those things have to get finished, right??  Please, tell me I’m right!

What’s on My Needles This Weekend

The title should actually be “What’s Not on My Needles This Weekend”, it’s one of those weeks  This is a picture of the chair that holds all of my “in progress” project bags:


That’s 5, if you’re counting and this does include my purse project or the basket of small projects (2 more bags…).  It also does not include the Land of Forgotten Projects.  I’m knitting donations for two upcoming benefits, a test knit that is due next Friday, my own test knit for a special order, another Wren Wolf cowl, a Christmas present, the rainbow cowl I cast on in celebration in June, another random project, and, of course, socks.  I’m working in deadline order so really, I have the test knit on my needles but will do a post on that once the pattern is released!

So, my purse knitting right now will be used for benefit donations I’m working on.  I had big plans for my donations at the start of the year but the summer really got away from me and things have been a bit unsettled around here so I needed to get realistic about my knitting time I had for these projects.  I was in New York last weekend (read more about it on Travel Tuesday 🙂 ) and I went to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and found the perfect thing!


It’s a Keppi hat and comes with that big fuzzy pom pom – everything you needs for a hat in one tiny package!  I got this aqua one and a pink one.  Some have crochet patterns on the other side of the label and some of knit patterns.  I ended up with one of each but something to look out for when buying if you specifically need one or the other.  But it’s a simple hat so no pattern is really necessary.  I think these will look really cute in a raffle basket.  I’m making a child size hat but it’s pretty stretchy so it might also fit a small adult.  It’s knitting up super fast on size 7 needles – here’s what I’ve got so far:


I would say I’m about halfway done and quite pleased!  It’s great purse knitting too!  What’s on your needles this weekend?