FO Parade

Well May was a busy month filled with many fun events and a lot of knitting!!  Two of my FO’s are from my 17 in 17 list which means I’m about halfway through the list with 7 months to go!!!  Let’s dive right in!

First up, another Mermaid tail afghan that was actually finished in April but was given as a gift this May to my beautiful goddaughter.  You may remember the Story of the Little Blue Sailor Coat that was knit for my friends’ foster daughter.  I’m happy to report she is their adopted daughter now and I can’t stop knitting for her!!!


Pattern: Mermaid Tail Blanket for Children and Teens by Angie Hartley  Yarn: Encore Worsted (held doubled) in an ombre of pinks

Next up is the Arrosa shawl by Jennifer Weissman which is in the spring 2017 issue of PomPom Quarterly.  I got this done in time to wear to the baptism and had it on for all of 30 minutes.  It turned out to be a warm and humid day and my goddaughter fell asleep on me before the service started so I know it’s soft and cozy.  But babies are portable heaters so off it came!  I was not able to block it to the specifications but I never checked gauge while knitting it so hard to say.


Pattern: Arrosa shawl by Jennifer Weissman Yarn: Hedgehog Skinny Singles in Ghost and Boom Box

I don’t know about you but when I finish something that I’ve been going all in on I kind of need a break.  I picked up a second sock that had been hanging around, knit a few rows and realized it was time for the toe so I finished those up as well.  These were just vanilla socks with a fish lips kiss heel.  Yarn is Julianna’s Fiber in the I Smell Snow colorway.


And last, but certainly not least I finished my oldest WIP as part of the Graduate Your Stash KAL being hosted by Kino Knits.  This is the Derecho shawl and it was on my needles for 3 years plus a few days.  Remind me to never get sucked into another Kauni project again!!!


Pattern: Derecho by Laura Aylor Yarn: Kauni in ee and ET colorways

Whew!  I think that’s enough so before I sign off I wanted to share a few bits of news.  If you are interested in hearing more about tech editing check out the latest episode of the Kino Knits podcast.  You will hear me talking with Mary about the process and how she and I work together.

And, finally, I wanted to let everyone know the blog will be taking a break for the month of June.  It’s shaping up to be a very busy month so I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up with posting.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back in July with some travel logs, a wrap up of the Great Lakes Fiber Show, thoughts on my afternoon with Bristol Ivy, and other knitty adventures.

Leap Year FO’s

I’m not sure the extra day is going to help me finish anything more this month but it was a pretty good month for FO’s around here.  Sadly, only one of them was a WIP 😦  And, one of them is a Christmas 2016 present – yea me!!  That will obviously not be shared until much later in the year.

I finished the Christmas present early in the month.  I then tackled the Vintage Giraffe hat by Melissa Kemmerer.  It popped up in the Top 20 on Ravelry one day, I think because it was being offered for a discount price.  It was perfect timing as I was not going to be able to attend a fundraiser for a friend who is fighting cancer and she loves giraffes.  I dug around my stash and found some very giraffe colors that were also soft and set about knitting it.  I’ve stopped printing patterns and read them entirely on my tablet but once I got to the colorwork I could not read it on the tablet.  I printed it out and it still did not help.  The colors in the chart were two shades of blue and it included the “knit stitch” pattern so it was impossible to tell where one stitch began and the other started.  I finally grabbed a piece of graph paper and yellow and brown pencils and did my own chart.  The finished hat turned out great and my friend loved it!

The next finished object is the Citrus Slice Dishcloth which I was able to knit in a day and I loved it!  Note, the first link on Ravely does not work I had to use the Bernat link which is a little further down on the page.  I was doing a craft swap at the Midwest Craft Con and my partner said she loved yellow and had just moved into a new house so I knit up a lemon slice dishcloth for her.  I want to knit a bunch for me (in my spare time LOL) and replace all the misshapen, poorly knit dishcloths I knit for myself when I first learned to knit so we’ll see if I get to that.


Finally, I finished my FIFTH mermaid lapghan!!!  As usual I used Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket for Children and Teens by Angie Hartley.  I’ve linked to it numerous times in other blog posts.  And, again, I used Knit Picks Brava Worsted held double.  I think I can knit these in my sleep now.  This one is for a friend who desperately tried to the win the one I donated to COAR in October but failed so he ordered one for himself.  He requested Ohio State colors and who I am to say no to that???


The mermaid blanket was the only WIP as I had started that right after the first of the year but it’s at least one bag out of the Land of Forgotten Projects.  I’ve got a test knit to finish up in the next couple of weeks and then it’s back to finishing those WIPs!

What’s on My Needles This Weekend

As usual, the needles are full this weekend.  I’ve spent most of the week working on a test knit (a cool poncho) and a commissioned piece (my 5th mermaid lapghan!).  I’m not too far into the test knit so I will hold off talking about that until I get further in and I have nothing new to say about the mermaid lapghan, I can almost knit that in my sleep at this point!

The other project that I got some rounds in on this week was my purse socks.  Over the last six weeks I’ve had quite a bit of dental work done, at least for me.  Let’s just say I’m not a good patient (for any medical professional).  The first appointment was supposed to be a quick check and ended up lasting 3 hours.  I had not brought any knitting and by the end I think both me and the dentist needed a drink.  So on Monday I went prepared – socks in bag.  I knit in the waiting room and I knit once they took me back to start the work. They even let me knit while the Novocaine sunk in.  Turned out my dentist got a learn how to crochet book for Christmas and was trying to teach herself crochet.  And, yes, she did know the difference between knitting and crocheting!

I returned on Friday for the appointment.  I had my trusty knitting bag in hand.  And, I think it helped.  I think I was much more relaxed on both of these visits (that’s not saying much but any improvement is a step in the right direction).  Even just holding my knitting while they worked (if only I could have continued during all the drilling) seemed to help keep me calm.  It kind of worked like a security blanket.  My dentist caught on during Friday’s visit and talked about her efforts to learn crochet while she was drilling. Smart woman – keep me distracted!


There are so many articles that document the health benefits of knitting.  I know when I read them I think – of course!  But, it’s another thing to actually experience it firsthand. Bonus – got the cuff done on sock 2!


Here’s the other really cool part of this story.  By the end of Friday’s appointment I was sharing the number to my LYS so my dentist could call and arrange a private crochet lesson.  She was also showing me her Pinterest page and asking me to make her a hat for the baby she is expecting in August.  She had found a picture of a baby who was wearing a hat shaped like a tooth with a big smile on it.  It is adorable and perfect for a dentist’s baby!  It was crocheted but she doubted she would get up both the skill and time to crochet it before the baby arrived.

I came home and checked Ravely and there were no knit tooth hats.  So, I put the picture up on Facebook and asked my knitting friends if anyone had ideas on converting it to a knit pattern so I could make one for her.  My friend who has the blog Wool Forward is a hat genius.  If you check out her blog you will see her 30 hats in 30 days project which was amazing!!  She is going to work on it for me which is awesome!  The thing she pointed out (which I always wondered) is why so many of these cute, shaped hats (a lot of them are used as photo props) are crocheted.  Marie explained that it is because the crochet fabric comes out stiffer than knitting. And that is the exact problem when I’ve tried knitting a hat that I originally saw in a crochet version.  But she loves a challenge so stay tuned!


First FO’s of the Year!

Wow, it’s the end of January already!  I might be having a harder time with how fast this month went because we’ve had such a mild winter in the Great Lakes so I’m not quite as worn down by snow and cold as I usually am at this time of year.  It’s a good thing because this is the first time in two years that I have not had a trip planned to a more tropical destination in February so thanks winter for working with me this year!

Either way, I’ve had plenty of knitting time this month but that will not necessarily show in my FO’s for the month.  After all the Christmas mermaid blankets, I took a short break and then started work on a fourth one which was also a special order (yea for Knit Picks after Christmas sale!)  As long as I was ordering, I decided to do a scrap mermaid blanket and donate it to our youth group raffle that is held during our Lenten fish frys. I needed a couple more full skeins and then used leftovers from the Christmas order to make a rainbow mermaid.  Initially I started working on the private order but was told there was no rush and the first fish fry is February 19 (Easter is super early this year!) so I switched and cast on the rainbow mermaid which is why my actual number of finished items it low this month.  Here’s a picture of the rainbow mermaid.  As usual, I used the Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket for Children and Teens by Angie Hartley which you can find on Ravelry or her Etsy store and used Knit Picks Brava Worsted and held two skeins together.


I also can’t resist sharing this picture of the Christmas order I did for my friend’s little girls – they are too cute 🙂


The only other thing I finished is A Girl Thing by Joji Locatelli and it’s from her new Authentic Collection.  I can’t say how much I love the Collection. There’s such a variety of patterns which is great for someone like me who is not much (okay, or at all) of a sweater knitter.  As soon as I saw the hat I knew I had to make it from my leftover 3 Color Cashmere Cowl yarn because it had many of the same design elements and would make a lovely set.  Recently, I saw on Instagram that Joji is now designing a 3 Color Cashmere Shawl so I’ll probably end up down that rabbit hole when it’s released…


Love my hat/cowl set!

Last I finished a sock and did cast on the second one (which was my only cast on for the month!!!  Go me on finishing those wips!)  This sock is with the Arne & Carlos yarn so I’m doing a vanilla sock and am trying out the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I enjoyed the heel as it does not require picking up any stitches but I ended up with a weird pucker and I’m not sure if it was a sizing issue or the fact that halfway through the heel the stitches came off the needle and, perhaps, did not get put back on correctly.  (By the way, anyone else notice that there are evil yarn demons that attack your purse knitting???)

The instructions for the heel only include the heel so I broke out my Sock Architecture book to find a new toe to try.  Now, for some reason in all my knitting years no one ever told me that there are toes that do not require kitchner stitch – it was like a whole new world opened up to me!!!  I did the Round Toe and love, love, love it!

So, let’s call this 2 1/2 FO’s for January.  The 1/2 is a languishing WIP so a little bit of progress 🙂

Unexpected FO’s for October

Well, a week ago I was afraid this would be my first month without a FO and that was very sad but a couple of things happened that have led to two FO’s!

First up – the Upside Down Daisy Hat by Susan B. Anderson.  You can find it in Itty Bitty Knits (check your library!).  I have to say that it was this book that really turned me on to knitting baby hats.  If you do have lots of little people this book is a must own.  I’ve made many of the patterns and a few them (such as the Daisy) I’ve made multiple times.  It’s my go-to book for the little ones.  I have friends who are active foster parents and they were blessed with a newborn baby girl earlier this month and so the Daisy seemed perfect for her.  I realize it’s October and a pumpkin would’ve been more seasonally appropriate but my friends currently have a little boy and I know they have been craving pink in their home so I wanted something very girly and a pink daisy is nothing if not girly.  Plus, a little ray of sunshine in this very dreary time of year is always nice.

Pattern: Upside Down Daisy by Susan B. Anderson Yarn: labeless stash

Pattern: Upside Down Daisy by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: labeless stash

The next thing that happened was that the project I was working on finished up last week so I’ve had some time off before the next project starts which gave me some much needed time to work on an order I have for Christmas.  Of course, I’m talking about the mermaid lapghans that are all over the internet.  My friend has ordered one for each of her two daughters. I ordered the yarn from Knit Picks and I’m using the Brava held doubled.  The price and quality of the Brava can’t be beat so I got a huge box of Brava in the mail and started off.  The first one was requested to be pink and the second purple and I’m putting a blue fin on the pink one and a green fin on the purple one.  I started the first one about a month ago and this week was just what I needed to finish it.  They look like a lot of knitting but they really knit up fast.  The fish scale stitch is fun and seems to keep it moving along.  I’m taking a couple of days to cleanse my palette with some of my other neglected projects and then start number 2 on Monday.

Pattern: Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket for Children and Teens by Angie Hartley Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Colors: Cotton Candy and Sky

Pattern: Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket for Children and Teens by Angie Hartley
Yarn: Knit Picks Brava
Colors: Cotton Candy and Sky

Apologies for the picture – I could not get the colors to turn out right in any kind of light so it’s a bit more vibrant in person!