Snow Day

I’m definitely not complaining, we really have not had a snow day yet this year so when they told us we were expecting around 8 inches today I knew I would batten down the hatches and stay in today.  I’ve been looking for a day like this to reorganize my yarn room which was becoming quite unruly as of late.  For once the forecasters had it right and it started snowing before I was up so I got to it.  Here is a before picture:


Note the bag on the floor is completely full of yarn as well as all the shelves!

I pulled everything out and started over.  When I moved in and got this shelving unit I tried to put the yarns together by type and then maybe by color so basically, no particular order.  I just thought there was order.  Once everything was out I began entering my stash on Ravelry.  I had not used this feature on Raverly in the past but thought this was a great opportunity to try it out.  I started with everything that still had labels which were mostly whole balls/skeins.  I then went to stash yarn that I knew exactly the brand/type and I used my scale to weigh it to determine how much I had left.  I have so much fun sock yarn left over and I’m thinking it would make cute baby hats so we’ll see where I go with that.  It turned out this was a very time consuming process and I did not even photo the yarn.  I just wanted somewhere that I could take a quick look and see what I have in the house already.  About halfway through my floor looked like this:


Of course, there was a whole pile of unidentified yarn, some of which I could not even remember what I might have knit with it.  I then decided to try to return it back to the shelves by color, for real time.  I made sure my books/magazines/patterns were up to date in Ravelry too.  That has to be my favorite feature of Ravelry – the ability to put all that info and search electronically instead of trying to remember where I saw that one pattern for whatever.  I did take a lunch break and a dinner break.  I do not have a tv in my yarn room but I was able to watch some hockey on my laptop and I was able to catch up with the Down Cellar and Fluffy Fibers podcasts and that kept me entertained throughout the day.  Finally around 7:30 I was finished!!


It was super hard to get a good picture when I got done because it was dark out and the only light int he room is right next to the shelves.  But even with the bad photography I think it looks 100% better.  I did manage to weed out a few yarns, a few unfinished or halfway finished projects and some other random junk.  I got done just in time to sit down and watch the halftime show of the Superbowl which was the only part of the game I was interested in (don’t get me started on the NFL…)  Looks like I will probably end up working from home tomorrow as it is still snowing at quite a clip here which is good because I’m going to need a day to recover after all that work today!

Goodbye winter (and a few other things as well)

Everyone I know is tired of winter, it just won’t leave this year.  I know we always get some cold snaps going into May but this year has been exceptionally bad.  I decided today that the winter coats were being washed and put away – I’ll freeze before I put on a winter coat again, at least until fall…  I also washed all the mittens and other accessories that winter brings.  This led me to clean out the drawer in which all the scarves, mittens and hats are stored.  (As a side note, I’ve been on a purging binge as of late, one too many episodes of Hoarders…)

What I found in those drawers were scarves I had knit when I first began knitting almost ten years ago.  I can’t remember the last time I wore any of them.  As any knitter will tell you the first thing most people learn to knit is a scarf.  And, once you have it down you knit scarves like winter will never end (and, it might not this year!).  I don’t even like any of them any longer and they seem terribly knit, at least to me.  And, thus, the dilemma of every knitter, what to do with all those hard worked pieces that you have no use for any longer?

Mine went into the donation pile.  I’m sure someone will enjoy them and they deserve a good life warming someone’s neck.  I should feel more attachment to them but I don’t.  These were my practice pieces.   They did not take long and were not knit with the highest quality yarn, or skill.  I bid them adieu and welcome spring with open arms!