Patience is a virtue, a virtue I do not possess.  The idea of patience came up in a discussion I was having over the long holiday weekend with some other arty, crafty, creative people.  I was talking to a painter and a jewelry maker.  We were discussing our crafts and the business of crafting.  We were also talking about other crafts we have tried.  Most “crafty” people don’t limit themselves to one craft, although, they definitely have their favorite.  I cannot even recall what particular craft we were talking about and I said I had never tried it because I didn’t have the patience for it.  When I say this to non-knitters they often tell me they don’t have the patience to knit.  If you really start to think about it every craft requires it own type of patience.  Finding your perfect craft is about finding the craft for which you have the requisite amount of patience.  This may be why I knit a lot of small items, I can’t wait to finish the larger sweaters, shawls, etc.  I never do bead work in my knitting, again, requires too much patience.  I feel that color work would also fall under this category for me.  The few color work items I’ve worked on have been a little painful just keeping all the yarn straight wears me down.  Likewise, knitting two socks at a time involves too much needle maneuvering and not enough knitting for me.  Both the artist and the jewelry maker found the whole concept interesting as well.  You never know what you might learn by talking to other artists and crafters, it sure makes for a fun way to pass a Saturday morning. 

I hope you enjoy the holiday touches on the site and are having a fun holiday season!