All the (tiny) FO’s

I have lots of FO’s this month, and they are all really tiny, and none of them were WIPs but that’s what April is for right???

Let’s start with my Easter knits.  A couple of weeks ago as I was scrolling through Instagram I saw these super cute little bunnies.  They were posted by Dyed in the Wool and I knew I had to cast them on immediately!  My goddaughters are 12 and at that lovely tween stage but I think these bunnies are cute and will make cute decorations for their room.  The pattern is Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger and is a free pattern!  You can use whatever yarn you have and that affect the size of the finished bunny.  I used leftover sock yarn – one in Lollipop Pink Rainbow and the other in Julianna’s Fibre in I Smell Snow.


The girls have two brothers and I did not think they would enjoy brightly colored bunnies so I found this other free pattern by Rebecca Danger for Monster Chunks and knit up a couple of monsters for the boys.


And then I got the brilliant idea to stuff them in plastic eggs to add to the egg hunt the kids do on Easter morning and they are pretty stinking cute!


My other tiny FO’s are little ornaments I’ve been playing around with.  I’m hoping to update my Frekol shop with a bunch of these ornaments.  I wanted to make them in team colors and I found this yarn on the Aloha Blu Etsy shop.  And it is the Columbus Blue Jackets colorway but also doubles for the local Cleveland Indians with the blue and red.  I have to say that Christina was lovely to deal with and she has so many amazing colorways in her shop.  She was also happy to dye me up some Ohio State yarn that I saw on her blog but was no longer in the shop.  I haven’t dug into that skein yet but I love how these are turning out.  I’ve kind mashed together a bunch of patterns for tiny accessories to get these FO’s.  I also love that they take about an hour so I get at least 2 done a week as I work on them during my 1/2 break at work.


I’m still toying with the sock as I would like it to be a bit more stocking like and a little less sock like so we’ll see.  I’m thrilled with the little mittens and I might tinker some more with the hat.  I will also be adding a scarf and perhaps a little sweater.

So, if you’re counting, that’s 8 FO’s and might be a record but really between all 8 probably not even a hat’s worth of knitting 🙂  I’m off to celebrate Easter with my bunny and monster filled eggs – hope everyone has a great weekend!