Finished Object of the Month

Another month almost over and another finished object to share!  This month’s project was very special to me and was featured in What’s on My Needles This Weekend in March as the perfect travel project.  But, before the big reveal, a little of the back story.

I have been volunteering with my church’s youth group since 2001.  And, that was because the newly hired youth minister had the misfortune of speaking at the masses the weekend following 9/11.  So, feeling like I needed to do something in the world I stopped and gave her my number after mass and she has not stopped calling since that evening.  In the past 14 years we have traveled to Germany, France, El Salvador, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy and NYC together and had many other adventures.  We got lucky, shortly after we started we got a really great group of kids in the youth group.  I hear my teacher friends talk about this – some years you get really great classes and some years, not so much.  And, now all these years later, I was invited to the weddings of two couples who met during those years, dated through high school and college and are now starting lives together.  It makes me feel really old but really proud to see who they’ve become.

The first wedding was two weeks ago and the bride and groom went on our Italy/France trip in 2013.  The bride and I share a love of Tim Horton’s (which are completely lacking in our town).  Today is the second wedding.  The groom went with us to Germany and it was his first trip out of the country (and maybe on a plane, if I remember right).  The baggage handlers went on strike when we landed and so he went the entire 10 day trip without his luggage and was still a trooper.  When I got the save the date cards I knew I wanted to do something special for them.  And, since I learned to knit right after I started volunteering with the youth group and was known to knit on planes, trains and in cars and at retreats I figured I had to knit them something.

Knitting for a wedding is much more difficult than knitting for a baby – far less choices.  I’m not a huge afghan knitter (more of short term project knitter) so I was struggling until I remembered that I had favorited the Sinkmates pattern.  I decided to make them each a set.  I made one in navy and one in white based on each of the couples’ tastes.  And then I went on Etsy and found these cute cutting boards that had marriage kitchen prayers on them and finally I got them a gift card for somewhere they had registered.  I pictured this gift in a box (and I’m sure my presentation got completely ruined as it was tossed from car to house, etc but it looked good when I put it on the gift table 🙂 ) so I got a box and arranged the gift.

20150512_174531 20150512_174808

I wrote in the cards that in the box they would find something to clean their kitchen; something to decorate their kitchen and something they could use to fill their kitchen.  I hope they enjoyed it!  And, I have to wonder if having two hopelessly single women leading their youth group acted as a cautionary tale and led them down the path to marriage…