I’ve hinted over the past few months about my participation in the 100 Day Project.  It was something I saw on Instagram way back in April and decided what the heck??  There were only 3 rules – pick an action, do the action each day for 100 days, share the action on Instagram each day with the tag #the100dayproject and a hashtag chosen just for your project (mine was #100daysofsockknitting).  When I thought about joining in, knitting was the obvious choice but I felt I needed to be more specific and I knew I had two different socks on the needles that needed to get done and a backlog of sock yarn waiting to be socks so I went with sock knitting.

Here are a few reflections on the project.

1. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you do just a little bit each day.  I have to say there were probably only 3-4 days during the 100 where I did not knit at least one row on whatever sock I was working on at the time.  In all, I knit 6 socks which was completing two socks who had mates waiting and two new pairs.

2. It gets really hard to take interesting pictures of socks for 100 days in a row.  I’m sure my followers on Instagram will be thrilled to see something besides socks in my feed.  On the hand, it’s kind of fun to look at my feed and see how the socks grew.  It’s like people – we don’t always see them grow but look back at the pictures and there they were growing the whole time.

3. There were days when I really wanted to work on other projects but I made myself do a least a couple of rows and post the photo and that’s really how the progress happened.  Socks can get a little boring after some time (which, again, the pictures show as the last pair of socks is the shortest)

4. Searching the #The100DayProject on Instagram will provide so many different projects and expressions of creativity – it’s amazing what people do out there!

Here’s the results:

I’m a bit perplexed now that it’s over.  I need a break from socks (and I have a lot of commissioned projects to work on) but I will also be doing some traveling in the next few weeks and I usually like to have a pair of socks to take along so I might need to find a replacement travel project, perhaps my long suffering Barn Raising Quilt squares will get a few more added to the ranks!

What’s on My Needles This Weekend?

Or the better title for this week’s post – let’s talk about this sock!

Yarn - Pink Rainbow by Fab Funky Fibers Pattern - Fruit Stripe Gum by Leah Oakley

Yarn – Pink Rainbow by Fab Funky Fibers
Pattern – Fruit Stripe Gum by Leah Oakley

I’ve mentioned the #100dayproject that I’ve joined in on over on Instagram and my thing is sock knitting.  I knit four socks in the first 50 days and I’ve yet to complete one in the following 25.  Part of the explanation is just a lot going on right now which has cut into my knitting time.  But, and this is bigger part, this second sock is going to be the death of me!!!!!!

Oh, it looks all pretty and innocent in that picture but no, it’s the devil in disguise!  For whatever reason, this one just has not gone smoothly.  It started out on the first few rounds of the pattern which did not work out and I could not figure out why.  I finally got in the groove and was working my way down to the heel.  I don’t always try to match my socks but these just seemed to want to match so I made sure to start this sock at the same place.  What I particularly had loved was that my leg length equaled one repeat of each rainbow color.  I was coming on the purple which is the last color and I thought the sock looked short so I compared it to the finished one and this is what I found:


Yep, those are two very different socks!  What the heck???  I knit these on the same needles with the same yarn and my tension never varies so what happened???  Now my heels don’t match which makes me very sad.

As if this was not enough trauma for one sock, I decided to knit before breakfast.  I’m thinking of coming up with a list of cardinal knitting rules and I believe one will be “never knit before breakfast”.  I was up early on Saturday and excited to head to Estes Park Wool Market and thought, “oh I can get some work done on this heel”  Right, here’s what transpired:


Clearly, I can’t read, had to pull out the stitches and, boy, they did not want to go back on that needle.  I’ve made it past the heel and am working on the home stretch.  Fingers crossed the rest of the foot and the toe go smoothly.  I’m a bit nervous for what type of disaster awaits me when I kitchner the toe but I’ll cross that bridge later.  First, I have to hope that the stripes on the foot match the first sock (because, yes, I did fix the stripe matching issue when I started the foot…)