What’s on my Needles This Weekend

During the week I was doing my usual daily check of the Hot Right Now patterns on Ravelry and came across these adorable Easter bunnies.  These types of projects totally suck me in (see last year’s Easter knitting extravaganza).  The pattern was free and claimed it would only take an hour to knit a bunny.  Sold!

The pattern is from Filature du Vaulgaudemar which appears to be a French yarn company, it can be found here.  It calls for worsted weight yarn (although I think anything would do if you also substituted needle sizes as well).  Basically, the pattern tells you to knit a square and then has a photo tutorial for putting in stitches that are cinched which form the ears and face.  Here’s the fun part – the back is sewn along the top so the bunny bottom is left open and can be stuffed with candy.  The instructions then have you weave a ribbon through the bottom stitches so it can be cinched closed.  I don’t know about you, but I know a few small children who will think it’s hysterical that candy comes out of the bunny’s bum!!

For the one I knit yesterday I used leftover Zealana Artisan Tui which has a nice fuzzy look to it.  The instructions warn you to be careful not to break the yarn as you are forming the ears and I, of course, broke the yarn.  I’ve decided to use some scrap acryllic on the next one so that it is strong enough to pull tight.  It took me a bit longer than an hour to knit the square and then do all the assembling and I still need to sew up the back but this is what I got done yesterday.

It’s really like magic!  It’s another great stash buster, especially for any stash with a nice halo to it.  I’m hoping to knit up a few more for some of my little friends before Easter.  If you were looking for a quick, Easter knit I would definitely check out this pattern!!

Booksigning and Yarn Dealing

Yesterday I scrambled around all morning to get some chores done in time to be able to sit and watch my favorite Buckeyes kick some San Diego State ass.  I was almost successful and at noon started frantically trying to find the game on tv but was having no luck.  I quickly checked Twitter looking for a tweet from Brutus (the best mascot in the NCAA!) telling me what station the game was on but instead found a tweet from Susan B. Anderson which said she was at a bookstore in Cleveland doing a book signing.  What???  Hold the phone!!!  (On a side note, turns out the game did not start until 3:30…)

I love Susan’s designs and have knit many of her patterns and some numerous times.  How did I not know she was going to be in town and how had I never heard of this bookstore?  I debated for about 30 seconds before I changed my clothes, put the address in Google maps and headed out.

First thing, this bookstore is amazing!!  I had no idea we had a really cool independent bookstore in Cleveland.  They sold new and used books and the whole place was filled floor to ceiling with books.  I loved it and need to go back and focus on books next time.  Second thing, I’m a total nerd when it comes to meeting my favorite knitting stars.   You would think I was meeting a famous Hollywood star or music star.  I found the knitting area and realized it was also a knit in.  There were several knitters working on projects.  Susan had all the toys from her new book, Topsy-Turvey Inside Out Knit Toys set up so I quietly wandered over to the table and started playing with them.  And then a voice from a side table said “we have needles and yarn over here and a free pattern if you want to stay and knit” – enabler…  I don’t need any help with my addiction!  I resisted for a few minutes but Susan was so nice and friendly and was just chatting away with everyone like we are all a big happy knitting group.  And thus, I gave in and bought the yarn and needles so I could work on the free pattern.  The irony of this did not escape me.  But who could pass up knitting a very cute inside out turtle, especially when the designer was there to answer any questions???  No one can blame me!  And there went two hours of my day.  

I was so glad I dropped everything and headed over.  Not only did I find a fun new place in my city I got to meet Susan and hear her story which was very inspiring.  And, I got home in time for kick-off!  

Here’s my egg for the inside out turtle.  It’s going to be super cute when it’s finished!