July FO’s

Wow! I had a feeling July was going to be crazy and I was totally right!!  I’m behind on my post writing and reading so I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.  The good news is that I had many yarn adventures during my crazy month. I’m bursting with blog posts, but, I’m also bursting with new yarn and a severe bout of startitis and am trying to knit all the things NOW!!!  I do know for the health of my wrists that I must take breaks to eat, do chores and blog and have managed to tear myself away from the knitting this morning.  So, before I dive in with all the good stuff I’m going to do a quick round up of this month’s FO’s.

First, a pair of socks I started in April so not too bad.  I used the Arithmophobia pattern which is by Lara Neel and found in Sock Architecture.  I’m still playing around with heels and toes and finding the right sock recipe for me.  This pair offered several challenges and while they are beautiful, they fit terribly which makes me sad but I’ll still try and stuff them in shoes this winter.  The pattern uses a short row heel and I had the worst time working that out.  I’m not sure what exactly my problem was but neither heel worked out right.  The yarn is Indulgence 6-Ply by Knitting Fever (now discontinued) and is a DK weight so I think that threw off some of my usual measurements as well.  I loved the yarn and have a ton left over so we’ll see if I revisit these at a later date.  This was also the first pair that I tried 9 inch circulars.  I learned quickly that I should use dpns for the cuff, heel and toes so the second sock went a bit smoother than the first.  Overall, I did enjoy the tiny circulars for zooming down the leg and foot of the sock.


I had speaking engagements in western Kansas this month on consecutive weekends.  In between, I took a little staycation at my cousin’s house in Denver.  On my list of things to do was 12 hours of online continuing education for my day job and updating the Facebook page for the nonprofit I was speaking on behalf of (you can check out that page here – shameless plug, I know 🙂 ).  But, translated, this meant a lot of knitting time.  I will discuss in more detail my plan and how it worked, but for now the one finished item I got was my Verdure Shawlette.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, this was my own personal challenge for July.  My Christmas knitting in July challenge as I was calling it.  And, I did it!!!  And, I was at my cousin’s house when I finished which gave me some great background for my FO photos. When I put it down it was because I decided the knit on border was going to be too much. But I have to say that once you get in a rhythm on it, it goes really fast. I loved the yarn, it has a bit of stelina in it which gives it just a little sparkle.  The colors remind me of a Victorian Christmas and are really beautiful. It needs some serious blocking and I will get to that soon I hope, at least before December!

Both of these are part of my 12in2016 KAL (you can find more in the Ravelry group 12 Projects in 12 Months) but projects are WIPs or use stash yarn.  The shawl was 7 so fingers crossed I get to 12 by December!

That’s it for finished projects but I have cast on 3 projects this week and have plans for the Ravellenic games starting on Friday so much more to come!