News and Notes

It seems like there has been a lot going on lately so I thought I would just put together a quick update.

First, earlier this week I was contacted by a writer from who is doing an article on great yarn bombed decor ideas.  She was asking permission to use a photo from my blog post Anatomy of a Yarn Bomb. She will be crediting me for the photo and providing a link to my blog. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the article!!!

Second, I won an Instagram contest!  I recently joined a new website called Frekol – you can check out my shop here.  The site was developed by some local folks and is basically a smaller, more local version of Etsy.  They are one of the sponsors of the Midwest Craft Con which is being held in Columbus, Ohio this year.  They ran a contest where you tagged your favorite local maker and they randomly drew one winner for a pass to the conference and I won!!!!


The Midwest Craft Con is a 3 day retreat for crafters, makers and creative business owners.  There are some amazing people giving talks including Tara Swiger, Abby Glassenberg and Lisa Congdon.  I think I will learn a lot and meet some great people!

A few other happenings right now.  One, I just signed up for a new test knit so stay tuned for details on that!  I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive and then I’m going to dig in!  Two, I saw the other day that ArohaKnits announced she was starting a podcast with KnitFitch and it is called The Fiber Boss.  I gave it a listen and found it very informative and entertaining.  They have also started a Facebook group by the same name.  The idea is for fiber related business owners to unite and provide support and encouragement to one another.  I’ve been blown away by the folks who have joined. There is such a wide range of both types and sizes of businesses that I’m sure everyone can learn something.  It’s a great group – the other day I was having a long chat with a nice woman who has a goat farm in France (field trip 🙂 ).  If you have a fiber business or are looking to head in that direction check it out!

One last thing – my hotel for Rhinebeck has officially been booked!!  I can’t wait to make the journey and if you’re going to be there I would love to meet up!  More details to come but I’m so super excited that I had to share the news now!!!


Happy New Year!



I ran across this morning while perusing Pinterest for inspiration for new hats and it fit perfectly with today’s post!  (Follow me on Pinterest at

I have been thinking about what I want to knit in this coming year. In addition to the usual knitting resolutions (finish WIPs, knit from stash, and the above write down where I left off)  I’ve come up with a short list (although, probably still too long to be reasonable).  I will check up on this list at the end of the year and see how much I actually got done!

1. Yarn bombing: I love the whole idea, concept, process of yarn bombing.  I went to Pittsburgh last year to check out Knit the Bridge.  I’m going to start local, very local as in my home.  The ladies I knit with and I have been talking about this for awhile but this is the year, at least for me.  I have an old wrought iron gate on my front porch which had not been well cared for.  Every spring I attempt to do something to make it look somewhat better.  And then it hit me, yarn bomb it!  I’ve got a ton of scraps and just need to knit some tubes and tie them on.  I can’t wait to get started.  I’d also like to take the idea of yarn bombing into the community.  I have a few ideas and just need to get some time and look into how feasible they may be.  Hoping for the best!

2. More hats: I would like to add more hats to my inventory.  This year I would like to focus on holidays and special events.  This morning I was searching for some inspiration for a Valentine’s hat.  The hardest thing about Valentine’s is finding something somewhat unisex but hopefully I’ve come up with something that will work.  I might also take a stab at an Olympic inspired hat as I love the Olympics and I love to knit and what baby doesn’t need one??

3. Puzzle pieces: Last year I saw a link about a pattern for a puzzle piece blanket.  The designed was donating some of the proceeds from sales of the pattern to Autism Speaks.  Like everyone, I know several friends who have children on the spectrum and I love to help the cause whenever I can.  I bought the pattern (which you can find here) but have done nothing since.  I have a few ideas and will need to figure out which is best.  Stay tuned!

4. Blogging: While not directly related to actual knitting I would like to continue to improve and use this blog.  I like many posts where people share what they are working on today so I am going to try to incorporate that on a regular basis (not sure about once a week, twice a month or the exact frequency) but it seems like a fun way to share current projects, yarns, etc.

Now, I guess I better get started because time’s a wasting!  Happy knitting to all this year!


Walking the Bridge

I took advantage of the extra day off this week to hop in my car and make the 2 hour drive to Pittsburgh to check out Knit the Bridge.  I had heard about it awhile ago and really wanted to check it out.  What I read was that a knitting guild in Pittsburgh had received permission from the city to “yarn bomb” one of the many bridges in downtown Pittsburgh.  For those non-knitters, yarn bombing is covering public objects in knitting.  It is basically a public art installation.  They seem to be catching on in a number of places.  This is the closest I’ve been to an organized yarn bomb.

But then life was getting in the way, it seemed I had plans for all the weekends it was going to be up.  I also wondered exactly what was going to be bombed.  If it was just a few blankets hanging on the bridge I was not sure it was worth the trip.  The pictures from the bridge once all the pieces were installed were amazing and I knew I must try to find a day to go see it in person.  Heck, I’ve traveled to NYC for knitting shows, I should be able to drive 2 hours to see this bridge.

Turns out I had no plans for Labor Day.  My mom was looking for something to do so I picked her up and we headed out.  First stop was lunch with my college roommate.  We met at restaurant near the Ikea (for those familiar) called Burgatory.  I picked it because we don’t have them here in C-town.  It was good – a little bit of a B Spot rip off but very tasty.  When they bring you the bill they bring fortune cookies.  My mom handed them out to and my roomie.  I opened mine and it said “fill in the blank – we took a break”  What???  I have no fortune.  Both my mom and my roomie had actual fortunes.  I’m still a little disturbed…

And then it was off to the bridge.  Funny side story – my mom is not a fan of bridges and I tend to forget this.  When you drive into Pittsburgh through the Fort Pitt tunnel you come right out of the tunnel onto a bridge over the river.  We’re lucky I was not actually relying on her for directions because we may still be driving around Pittsburgh.  That was not her idea of a good time!

We found the Andy Warhol (formerly known as the 7th Street) Bridge and drove over it and back over and then parked in a lot at one end.  My mom hung out at the car and I took my camera and my phone and headed out to check it out in greater detail.  I got to the bridge and took off the lens cap to the camera and hit the on button only to realized my freshly charged battery was sitting on the bookshelf at home.  Lucky for me my phone takes good pictures.  Here are a few of my faves!


And these were great too!


I was really shocked at the number of people who were also there checking out the project.  It was really great to see that many people out.  The squares were all so different and showed a wide variety skills, techniques and color choices.  I was also happy to see them holding up so well over time.  I believe I read the blankets are being donated to homeless shelters and animal shelters once they are taken down.

We stopped to get soda and then hopped back on the turnpike.  Fun note from the trip home: there were issues in the EZ Pass lane in Ohio and as I went to drive through the arm came down and bounced off my windshield.  It seemed like it was covered in plastic so no harm done, except for my mom who thought I was busting through the gate.  It was the perfect way to spend a day off!!