Yarny Adventures

During my staycation in Denver I had decided that I wanted to go to Fancy Tiger Craft, The Loopy Ewe and My Sister Knits.  Fancy Tiger is relatively close to where I was staying but the last two are up in Fort Collins which is about 1 – 1 1/2 hours away from Denver.  With that in mind, I did something I would not usually do, I reached out to two podcasters that I listen to on a regular basis to see if they would be interested in meeting up and they said yes!!

I think it’s a strange relationship – as a listener of podcasts I feel that I know the hosts as I listen to what is going on in their knitting lives each week or every couple of weeks but that doesn’t work in reverse. For all they knew I could’ve been some crazy stalker from Ohio.  So when I contacted Emily and Becky I led with a disclaimer that I was not crazy and if they were not interested that was cool.  It must have worked because in the end, we decided to meet up on Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning, I hit up Fancy Tiger on my way out of town.  I’ve heard so much about this shop and was really excited.  I got a parking place right in front which I think was quite lucky!  They only have on street parking so I’m sure it can be tough some days.  I loved the front window display and the decor of the store when I walked in.  The girls working were friendly but not overbearing, i.e. they acknowledged I came in the store and then allowed me to browse at leisure.  But, here’s where I have to admit it wasn’t my favorite store (and, disclaimer I don’t sew so did not check out the fabric area which I hear is definitely a draw).  First, there’s not a lot of yarn and the yarn that is there tended to be of a more crunchy, granola type which isn’t my scene.  They definitely had brands I had not seen, and overall the vibe was great in the store. I ended up buying a skein of MJ Yarns Simple Sock in the Green Dragon colorway. I was talking to my friend G when I got back and we talked about how sometimes we build up some of these stores in our heads and then they can never live up to those expectations.  That might be the case here.  I’m definitely glad I went but I might find other places to check out on future trips to Denver.

After that I hit the road and headed to Fort Collins.  I had decided to just get a hotel up there so I didn’t have to worry about driving back to Denver at the end of the night and that was a good idea on my part.  I was meeting everyone at The Loopy Ewe.  Emily hosts the Knitting Butterflies podcast and I had chatted with her last year about the Estes Park Wool Market.  Becky hosts the Knit Actually podcast and I found her through a post Emily shared on Instagram.  As soon as I listened to an episode I was hooked and knew she was my type of people.  Becky brought her friend Jen as well, which is good because I feel weird if I’m on the only Jen somewhere 🙂

I loved The Loopy Ewe so much!!!  It was so amazing and they had so many yarns I’ve seen on Instagram and heard podcasters talk about.  My plan was to buy yarn to knit the 3 Color Cashmere Shawl by Joji Locatelli.  Becky suggested that I use Knerd String for it and they had so many colors to chose from that I found just the right 3 colors and the skeins were large enough that I just needed one of each color which was nice.  It was a good choice as well because it is a Colorado dyer, which makes it special vacation yarn.  I’m hoping to get the shawl done in time for Rhinebeck but we’ll see…  I also bought a sock blocker and one of the Ann Budd gauge measures which is super awesome!  And, a skein of sock yarn from Fresh From the Cauldron.

We dragged ourselves away so that we could hit My Sister Knits (MSK) before it closed.  I was on such a high from The Loopy Ewe that I was worried I would not enjoy the next store as much – Wrong!!!!  I’m not sure which I loved more because they offered very different experiences but both were so great.  First, MSK is in an entirely residential neighborhood, in fact, it’s in a carriage house behind a regular house.  There’s a little yarn bombing on a tree out front and then a sign at the gate at the driveway leading you through a beautiful garden complete with chickens to the carriage house where the store is located.  We walked in and were greeted very warmly.

Here’s a funny story.  One of the women working asked if we had been in before.  I said no, I was from Cleveland to which she asked where in Cleveland.  This indicated to me that she knew my fair city as there are two answers to that question – west side or east side.  I told her where and it turned out she grew up in my town, in fact, about 5 minutes away from my house.  I love small world stories 🙂

Back to the yarn – they have so much yarn in this tiny two story carriage house.  I ended with a skein of self striping sock yarn from ScrumptiousPurl and a contrasting skein of Koigu sock yarn for the cuffs, heels and toes.  The very nice ladies took our picture outside in front of the sign and recommended places for dinner, they even offered us bottled water.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with all the yarn we bought 🙂

By this time we were hungry and thirsty!  We ended up at a place called Rio which was Mexican and made super delicious margaritas (told you the hotel was a good idea 😉 ) and we knit and drank and talked and laughed.  I marveled at how knitting was the one thing we all had in common and yet, if anyone walked by they would have thought we were life long friends.  I’m so excited that I now have both family and friends in Colorado to go visit.  And, I’m so excited that both Becky and Emily will be at Rhinebeck so I will get to see them again soon!!

If you want to hear more about our adventures listen to Episode 53 of Knitting Butterflies or Episode 39 of Knit Actually.  This is a super long post so I’m going to head back to my Ravellenics project now and will have more of my yarny adventures next week!

Glass, Yarn and Cows – A Weekend in Wisconsin

The past few weeks have been busy travel weeks for me.  My first trip was to Appleton, Wisconsin, it also happened to be my first trip ever to the state of Wisconsin (another one checked off the list!)  I serve on the board of a non-profit, COAR and we are assigned churches to speak at each summer so I volunteered to do a couple of the talks.  Please feel free to check out our webpage or my blog posts from earlier this year on my trip to El Salvador.  End of commercial – back to Wisconsin.

I had some interesting airport experiences the morning I left.  Starting with guy who kept asking where he could eat because he wanted beer and breakfast before his flight.  I stopped in the newsstand to get my water (I never get on a plane without a bottle of water and a snack because you just never know these days) and I had a bag that I won at a raffle that has the picture of a knock off Monet on it.  The guy ringing me up asks if that is Monet on my bag, why, yes it is, thanks for noticing.  And, ending with the girl sitting next to me on the plane who could not figure out that we lost an hour going from Cleveland to Chicago and that she would lose two more hours going from Chicago to San Diego.  But, I finally arrived in the tiny Appleton airport where they do not even have the spikes for you to drive your rental car over when you leave.

As luck would have it, I have a friend who lives in the area so I gave her call and we made plans to get together on Saturday which gave me Friday afternoon to explore.  I read about a glass museum (and it was free and it was in the town where there was a yarn store – double bonus!) and decided to head that way.  It’s the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass and you can read more about it here.  It is located in an old mansion so the actual building has a lot to offer and the collection of glass was very interesting.  I believe there 3-4 rooms just of paperweights and they were stunning.  The museum was very close to the shores of Lake Winnebago so I headed down there next where I found a little park to get out and walk around.

Now, the important part of the day – yarn store!!  I also have a friend in Madison, WI who was enjoying Knit Camp while I was there but before she left I had asked for recommendations.  She suggested Yarns By Design and she did not disappoint!  I was greeted by a very friendly clerk and explained I was in town visiting so she explained the layout of the store and was happy to let me wander at my own pace.  We did end up chatting quite a bit.  They had a great selection of sock yarns (my kryptonite…).  I did have to give her a hard time as she failed to disclose they had Regia Arne & Carlos sock yarn which I found upon closer inspection of the sock yarns.  I had been trying to get my hands on some of that for months! I bought the yarn and the needles so I could cast on new socks that night!!

On Saturday I headed out to meet up with my friend.  She married a Wisconsin farmer so I went out to their farm and met all their cows, I mean all their cows!  They raise cows for beef and farm wheat, corn, soy and alfalfa.  It was really interesting and I have a whole new appreciation for my food after seeing what all goes on down on the farm.  After that it was time for me to go to work.

The church I was assigned to was actually two parishes that had four separate locations.  Each church was so different.  These were rural churches and the one church was 150 years old and had been built by the original German immigrants in the area.  I finished up Sunday around noon and my next stop (which I believe some in the area also think is a place of worship) was Lambeau Field.  I feel like every football fan has to go if they are in the area.  I was surprised to find it was crowded, in fact, there was even a line to eat at the restaurant.  I didn’t take the tour but walked around the open spaces and snapped a few pictures and then drove around Green Bay.  Not much to see there.  I was trying to find a good space to check out the bay but really never found that.  And then it was time to head back to the giant Appleton airport and head home.  I enjoyed my short stay in Wisconsin and was happy to raise money for COAR and check off another state from the list!

Colorado Getaway

My cousins have lived in the Denver area for as long as I can remember which means when I was young there were long car rides to go visit them and as I got older plane rides.  My first trip was the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade and my grandparents took me as they were going to my oldest cousins’ high school graduation.  During that trip my grandma took my cousin and I to Salt Lake City to visit her sister and her sister’s family.  These days I’ve pretty much seen and done all the touristy things in and around the area.  About a month ago I was listening to the Knitmore Girls podcast and they were doing an interview with Galina Khmeleva who mentioned the Estes Park Wool Market and a light bulb went off in my head.  I promptly checked the dates and texted my cousin (who is not a knitter) and asked if I could come for a visit and would she mind driving me up to Estes Park for the wool market (it’s about a 2 hour drive).  She’s such an awesome cousin that she said yes, come on out!!!

Once I got out there my other cousin decided to join us so the three of us set off early Saturday morning.  The problem with mountain towns is there is usually only one way up and when we hit dead stop traffic on that road we knew it was going to be a long drive.  Turned out the Ironman Boulder competition was going on and the bike portion was going through the road we needed to be on to get to Estes Park.  We finally lost all the bikers and headed up.  The entire area had been devastated by a flood in 2013 and the damage was still evident as we drove.  We made it up and it was sunny and beautiful and we were immediately greeted by these cute llamas!


There were tons of animals – llamas, alpacas, angora rabbits, goats and sheep!  We also watched a sheep herding demonstration which very cool.


And, of course, the entire building of vendors!  It was a great show on a terrific Colorado day!  If you’re interested in reading more about the show I’m doing an article for KniteEdge magazine and I will let everyone know when the issue hits the stands!

As often happens in Colorado the storm clouds started moving in as we were leaving in the late afternoon.  There was even hail which was not fun.  We decided to stop at the grocery store and pick up some snacks to eat in the car and head back to the city before the storms got worse.

On Sunday, I asked if we could go to the Denver Botanic Gardens as my cousin is always posting pictures from the garden and it looked amazing so off we headed.  Side note – during breakfast we debated whether it was “Botanic” or “Botanical” because in Cleveland, our garden is the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  A Google search ensued and we learned that the two words are interchangeable.  Botanical is more 21st century while botanic is more 20th century and has gradually been falling out of use.  But, back to the main attraction.  The Gardens are huge and in the middle of the city so really amazing.  While we were there they had an art exhibit going on called The Nature of Horses and throughout the gardens there were statues of horses made from cast bronze.  Not my thing but cool to keep an eye out for as we wandered the gardens.  My favorite part was definitely the water lily pond.  I could not get enough of the water lilies when I was at Monet’s garden in France and the same went for this trip.  To make them even more cool there were tons of dragonflies landing on them – we’re lucky I moved after that!

032 033

The garden had two separate cafes and a very nice, but kind of crowded gift shop.  Once we finished there we headed over a couple of blocks for a visit to the Lamb Shoppe.  This was a super cute yarn store in my cousin’s neighborhood.  They serve coffee and tea and have an amazing selection of yarns.  It was bright, open and airy with yarn stacked high.  There was a big table in the front with people working on projects.  The woman working was very friendly and we chatted a bit about the wool market.  She mentioned an Interweave event that took place in April which she really enjoyed and recommended so you never know!  Here’s a picture of the shop and I will definitely be making a return visit.  If you are in the Denver area it’s definitely worth a stop.  The neighborhood has a great vibe and there is a restaurant, an ice cream place and Wild Flowers which is shop that sells flowers and other home goods.  After all that everyone was hungry and thirsty (with the altitude in Denver I’m always dry as a bone and it’s wise to always carry water) and the whole family enjoys Mexican food so that’s how we ended our day.  Nothing like a cold margarita and chips and salsa to end the day!

Walking in Memphis

How can I not quote the Marc Cohn song for a blog post about a quick trip to Memphis???  Let’s face it – I’m just that type of geek (yes, I played Billy Joel’s Allentown while driving around Allentown…).  But, back to the trip.  Work has been super busy as of late and I’ve had to do a lot of traveling.  As long as I’m going I figure I might as well take some time to look around.  I’m working with an attorney from Atlanta on this case and he asked if I could meet him in Memphis if I was not adverse to travel.  We have not worked together that long so he did not understand what a funny statement that was!

I had work obligations from the time I landed on Thursday until late Friday afternoon and a plane home Saturday afternoon so I did not have much free time, although, that was probably okay but we’ll get to that later.  I landed at lunchtime and was meeting the attorney for Atlanta and our client who lived in Memphis.  My client was happy to show off the best places to eat when he found out it was my first time in Memphis so we went first to Corky’s BBQ where I ordered BBQ and was served a giant plate of meet with a few fries on the side.  First lesson about Memphis – people have very serious opinions about BBQ.   The natives I met would always ask if I had BBQ yet and when I responded, yes, Corky’s I got a variety of opinions.  Clearly, some people approved and others did not.  I do not think my taste buds are sophisticated enough to know the difference and I enjoyed my plate of meat, even if it was a very heavy lunch for me.  Also, BBQ is a tough first meal with people you are just meeting because I’m pretty sure I was covered in sauce for most of the meal, there’s no avoiding it!

On Friday we headed downtown and the building we were working at was on the edge of the Victorian Village which has many houses that were built in the late 1800’s.  The building we were in was a typical shotgun house and was really narrow and really long.  The owner had done a wonderful job of restoring it and not covering up the original design features.  When we finished up my client gave me a little tour of downtown Memphis, including a stop at the warehouse my client operates (super exciting part of the tour, NOT).  We ended up at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken for lunch so you guessed it – another plate of meat that was messy to eat for lunch!  I would note – while this trip was short it was full of food!  Finally, around 4:00 I had wrapped up all of my work obligations and was able to get out explore a bit.  Second lesson about Memphis – almost everything is a 20 minute drive.

I felt there were a couple of must see places while I was in town.  And, this is where I have to confess, I’m not really a music person.  I enjoy the radio but music is not my thing.  I’m tone deaf, this may have something to do with it.  But, I’m not really interested in sitting in clubs and listening to music so Memphis really was not shaping up to be my kind of town.  I kind of equate it with Austin and New Orleans (also not my cities).  But, first stop was a yarn store.  There happened to be one really close to my hotel.  It was Yarniverse which was very cute.  They had a wide variety of mostly commercially available yarns.  I did not see anything I had not seen at my LYS and definitely nothing I couldn’t live without so I left without making a purchase!  It was still nice to pet some yarn after a long two days of work!

My next stop was Graceland – because I had to right???  I’m definitely not an Elvis person and I have friends who have made pilgrimages down to Memphis just to visit Graceland.  I was happy to discover there was a pull off on the side of the road if you just wanted to peak over the wall and look inside the gates and then carry on with your day.  I was very underwhelmed by the actual mansion.  I’m not sure what I was expecting but I definitely was not expecting a very normal looking large, mansion-style home.  I thought the wall around the property was far more interesting than the actual house.

20150327_164331 20150327_164427

I have a friend who went to school in Memphis and she recommended I go to The Local for dinner.  It was in Mid-Town which was a really fun, funky area of town.  It had some cool restaurants and some interesting looking shops.  Dinner was great and then I figured I needed to at least take a drive down Beale Street.  I’ve listened to the song…  I had a feeling I really was not going to want to spend a lot of time there but had to see what it was all about.  Unfortunately, there was an NBA game that night and traffic down in the area was crazy.  Upside to that – more time to check things out.  I finally hit the intersection of Beale and there was no driving down it so I looked both ways and sped away!  But I did see it!  I then drove straight for the river.  It was getting close to sunset time and I knew that would be the place to be.  I found a lovely little riverside park and enjoyed some fresh (very cool) air, peace and space!

20150327_185549 20150327_185822

That’s one great river!

Saturday morning I met the daughter of one of my knitting friends who is living in Memphis.  She has a newborn and I was able to check out some of my knitting on the little guy!

I felt I had just enough time in Memphis – there was not much I felt I missed out on.  Things I loved about Memphis – the old antebellum houses and architecture were amazing! and it was pretty easy to get around.  Things I did not love – not really enough to do and the lines between the safe areas and the do not drive in areas were very blurry (pretty sure I saw a drug bust driving from dinner to Beale St.).  I’m sure it’s a great town if you love music and especially blues and soul music and it’s definitely a great town for eating!

We Have Yarn!

I had the names and addresses of two yarn stores in Honolulu but never had a chance to check them out.  Today we were driving around Kona checking out some of the tourist spots before heading north to the place we are staying.  I also had the names and addresses of two yarn stores here on the Big Island and one of them happened to be between us and the house we were headed to.  Bonus, it was raining again so it was the perfect time to check it out!

Island Yarn and Art Supplies is located in a rather industrial looking complex (in fact it is next to a auto body shop).


The first floor is full of art supplies of all kind and then upstairs is the knitting area and what a pleasant surprise!  It was full of yarn, mostly organized by color and included 3 tables to knit at (or in my case study Ravelry to determine what I could make with the yarn I was finding!)


There was an entire wall of Malabrigo and an adorable old bookshelf filled with more Habu than one could ask for!


I loved the display on top which included a large mason jar filled with old spools of thread.


Plus the colors of the Habu up there are amazing!!!

On one of the tables was a basket of hand dyed yarns, all of which were done in Hawaiian colors with Hawaiian names – they were gorgeous!


This basket was all sock weight.  I later found a basket of bulky and bought a skein in “Lava Flow” which I thought was great for the area since were in the middle of nothing but lava fields.  She also had some hand made buttons from a crafter who uses local wood to make them.  They were very cool!

I was chatting with the owner while checking out and she is the one who dyes the yarns and all of her yarns have Hawaiian themed names.  She calls the yarn Pu’olo Yarn.  On the label it says the definition of pu’olo is a bundle of wonderful things – I couldn’t agree more!


Full Circle

I booked my work travel sometime around Christmas.  At that time I realized that flying from Baltimore to Cleveland on Tuesday and then Cleveland to West Palm Beach on Wednesday did not make much sense and went with the flight directly from Baltimore to West Palm on Tuesday.  This gave me an extra day in my schedule and I had plenty of work to keep me busy in the hotel.  What I didn’t know at the time was that my cousin would be visiting my uncle at the same time I was there for work.  We don’t get to see each other all that often and she was on the Gulf Coast which was about 2 1/2 hours from where I was staying.  I worked all morning and then set off for a little adventure.

My first stop was a nearby yarn shop.  I had scoped out some options on Ravelry and headed to the shop closest to my hotel, which was Knitters Nook in Delray Beach, FL.  When I pulled up the first thing I noticed was that it was very busy.  There were a ton of cars in the parking lot and they were all in front of the yarn shop.  I walked in and I believe someone did greet me across the room.  I started taking in all the different yarns.  There was a table full of ladies knitting.  As I was lingering over some beautiful bamboo yarn, a discussion was taking place near me.  Without directly quoting, the gist of it was that there was someone at the knitting table who the others had decided did not have the skills to be there. The discussion was quite heated and language was used that I generally don’t hear at my LYS, unless something has gone horribly wrong with someone’s project.  I checked the website later and it does appear I came in near the end of a class.  The class stated that one should know how to knit on DPNs and circulars so maybe this person did not have that skill but I really did not think it should have caused the amount of anger that I was hearing in this conversation.  I kept moving and looked at some other yarn and the book section.  It was at that point that I saw a notebook on a stand requesting that you sign in so they could help you in the order you arrived.  Seriously??   I felt like I was at the phone store where they make you sign in.  Even when my LYS is busy most of us knitters tend to wander and work out the help when we can.  I left without buying anything because I really didn’t feel compelled.  It was definitely an interesting store.

After that I took a drive down to the beach.  I wanted to take a short walk and grab some lunch but all the parking was meters and I had no quarters so I kept driving.  Then it was off to the other side of Florida.  I had my GPS and I was ready to roll.

I’ve never been to the Florida Everglades and had no idea (since I did not look at a whole map and was relying on my GPS) that I was driving through them, for almost the entire trip.  Alligator Alley was my main route.  It was a very pretty drive through the swampland.  I had several thoughts while driving.  1. I was not coming home this way – too creepy and I would be eaten by an alligator if anything happened.  2. I was reminded of my bus ride through the Australian outback.  It’s really kind of desolate and there are only these weird gas/food/bathroom stops along the way and they don’t come very frequently.  3. Florida has been the cause of a number of issues in the US and I wonder how much bigger a problem the state would be if it was fully habitable.  I kept waiting for the blue highway signs telling me what I could get at the exit and they never came.  I broke down and stopped at the roadside center and felt like I had stepped into another planet.  It was a weird mix of tourists, locals and a few people who I think came right out of the swamp.  I got a hot dog, hit the bathroom and took off.  Again, vowing not to come back this way…

I made it to my final destination and had a great time catching up with my cousin.  And, then searched for an alternate route back to the hotel.  As it turned I basically drove in a complete circle.  The Everglade make driving across Florida more difficult than crossing other states.  I had driven south and then west and then north.  On the way back I drove north and then east and then south.  It was far more populated and better lit so overall, a good choice for the ride home in the dark.  It was a great way to spend my extra day down in Florida.

Americans on a bus – Rome Day 5

Our last day in Rome and I’m sure it will be awesome (or not…)  We are all ready for a change of scenery.

The day started out well enough.  The plan was to visit St. John Lateran, one of the 4 major basicallas of Rome (the others being St. Peter’s, St. Mary Major (see Day 2) and St. Paul Outside the Walls (more on that later).  It was mentioned by our priest that there was a Capuchin museum near the Metro stop we were headed to and it might be worth a stop.  Who doesn’t like a side trip??  If you are not familiar the Capuchins are an order of monks.  I’m not sure how exactly to describe the museum.  The first part is regular, run of the mill museum stuff – history of the order, famous monks, etc.  And then you get to the main attraction.  Back in the day it seems that these monks were not receiving proper burials due to the land constraints in Rome so one of the monks went and collected all of the bones of the buried friars and made artwork with them.  No pictures allowed but it was unlike anything I had ever seen.  Check out the webiste www.cappucciniviavento.it

We then headed to St. John Lateran.  The popes lived at this basicalla until the 1700’s and it was quite beautiful.  They claimed to be offering tours of the papal apartments on the hour.  I decided to check it out but could never quite find the right door to enter and none of the security guards spoke English (yeah, right…)  At this point the group was splitting off into different activities for the afternoon.

One group was going to check out the catacombs and one group was going to see more churches.  I had enough underground ruins during the Scavi tour and, truth be told had seen enough churches (there are still more to come in Assisi and Lourdes).  I was tempted by the church group because they were headed to St. Paul Outside the Walls, the 4th and final major basicalla.  They were also going to a church which has Oscar Romero’s bible but decided to my own thing.

I went in search of the yarn/underwear store I had found online.  I took a bus back to our hotel area and the following transpired.  Family of Americans gets on bus, mom & dad & 2 kids who are about 12 and 14.  Dad is Joe Tourist with his bus map and explanation of the plan.  They will get off the bus two stops after the Colosseum and head to the Pantheon where Boy wants to go.  Mom pipes up that Girl wants to eat at, wait for it, McDonald’s before the Pantheon.  At this point they are sidetracked because we are driving right next to the Colosseum and Dad is desparately searching for stops on the other side of the road so they can take this bus back there later (you know, because buses only run one way in Rome and who wants to see the Colosseum?).  I am now pretending I don’t understand a lick of English because these people are right out of European Vacation!  However it did make for an entertaining bus ride!!

Back to the yarn store search.  I got off the bus and was tired, hungry, and thirsty and there in front of me was the Roman version of a mall!  Number 1 travel rule: malls are always a savior, they have whatever you are looking for – climate control, food, drink, bathrooms, somewhere to sit.  So I sat, had some lunch and studied my map.  If you can track down a Rome bus map they actually have a very reliable bus system but it is tricky getting that elusive map…

I took a bus and found the street but never found the store.  It was kind of sad but was okay because I found an amazing market that had everything you could want (I figured out later it was the Campo D’Fiore market which was on Amanda’s list).  I near Piazza Navonna and had missed it one night so I headed that way.  Also, a woman I knit with had highly recommended the gelato bomb at a cafe in this piazza and it was definitely time for a gelato break!  The piazza was beautiful and the gelato bomb delicious! (Unfortunately the picture is on my camera so I can’t post 😦 )  With all that done it was time for a siesta!

We headed out for our last dinner in Rome and it was very nice, and close to the hotel!  After dinner the “kids” wanted a last night at the Trevi Fountain and we adults wanted gelato and bed because the train is leaving at 7:58 in the morning for Assisi.

Rome was great but I am ready to move on.  It is very busy and very crowded and very exhausting.  I feel that I saw everything I came to see and do not feel any great need to go back.  I am happy I came and am happy to be going!

Yea Yarn!

I was pleasantly surprised when our schedule allowed for me to go in search of the yarn shop I had researched in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  This is what happens when you travel with an 8 year old and nothing opens until 10am.  I had looked up the store but had not brought the info with me figuring we would not make it.  But when I found us heading up and realized I have no data plan that works in Canada I texted my parents and had them look it up and send the info.

They were just opening when I arrived and were very friendly.  The yarn is the in back.  The front is a small gift store with many local made items and lots of super cute stuff.  The yarn selection was not huge but they did have some locally hand dyed wool in two weights that was too pretty to pass by.  I picked up this:


Can’t wait to come up with a plan for it!  The whole side of the store is filled with beautiful fabrics and quiliting supplies.  I was able to pick up some fabric squares for a project at home.  I also found the most awesome birthday present for my friend, Amanda.  Probably won’t be able to wait for her birthday in June to give it to her!

If you find yourself in the area it is definitely worth at stop.  Check them out at http://www.beefabrics.ca/.  More on the rest of our day (once everything opened at 10) tomorrow but the fireworks kept us out late tonight and it is time for bed!